Mastamind "Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz" Physical CD

1. Midnite Special
2. Shot's Fired ... Features Bussing @ Em
3. Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz
4. Tighten Up
5. Murda On My Mind ... Features Ganxsta Nip & Timmi 2 Tymes
6. Hate All U Want Part 2 ... Featuring Timmi 2 Tymes & The Dayton Family
7. ?

Mastamind "Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz" Physical CD


Mastamind 1st release on Fallen Angelz Entertainment LLC, CEO Kawtion(caution) hand pick the tracks and mastamind co-signed agreeing to tracks; this is a 6 song ep that features Timmi 2 Tymes & The whole Dayton Family!

Preview Tracks

 Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz
 Shot's Fired (Bussing @ Em)
 Murda On My Mind (feat. Ganxsta Nip & Timmi 2 Tymes)
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